Don MacDonell

Photographer: Don MacDonell

Don MacDonell a photographer based in Seoul, South Korea.

Bio: Don MacDonell is a photographer with a special interest in street photography, portrait, and conceptual photography. He is currently based in Seoul, South Korea. Don MacDonell is also the founder and creator of The Photo Guidebook.

Don MacDonell’s Work:

Don’s Photography is currently featured strictly on The Photo Guidebook’s Website and Social media accounts

Stories submitted by Don:

Gyeongbokgung Front Gate

Gyeongbokgung’s Front Gate

Night at Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea
© Don MacDonell 2019

Coming to South Korea is an amazing adventure. One of the biggest sites in Seoul is the first palace, built at the start of the Joseon dynasty. It’s one of my favorite places to go and photograph. Relax and explore, look for something interesting to shoot. When the sun sets the palace gates are lit up beautifully. Using slow shutter speed and waiting for the right moment, I photographed the gate with a middle-aged woman quickly passing by to escape the cold winter air. (more…)

An Evening in Osaka City

An Evening in Osaka City

High Contrast Black and White Osaka, Japan
© Don MacDonell 2019

We arrived in Japan at Osaka airport
and quickly departed for the city
first to check out a few sights
before grabbing a bite
at that popular Kyukatsu place.
With a bit of time to spare
we took a little look around some of the
small back streets.
The signs,
the Japanese script,
the bright lights
and contrast
presented to us
the opportunity to take
my favorite type of photograph.
The high contrast,
black and white photographs.
Setting up a tripod on the spot,
adjusting the settings,
and getting that beautiful
slow motion shot
of the locals strolling by.
Though Satisfied with some
gorgeous photographs,
I eagerly look forward to returning to explore further
the beauty of Osaka City. (more…)