Kampong Phluk

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Kampong Phluk, ‘floating’ village

Kampong Phluk ‘floating’ village.

A Khmer women of Kampong Phluk village sailing with her young daughter, Cambodia by Courtney Esson
© Courtney Esson 2019

Courtney Esson shares her photographs and reflection on the lives of the people of Kampong Phluk, ‘the floating village’, Cambodia.”To create a connection to the lifestyle of local people, I prefer to travel out of the cities and into rural towns to get a taste of local flavor. In the village of Kampong Phluk, locals live in wooden houses built on high stilts along the rivers. Locals learn to operate colorful boats at a young age to adapt to living on floodplains. Taking a boat through the village offers an insight into the hardships and adversity locals face daily.” (more…)