Become a Contributing Photographer

Become a Contributing Photographer

Thank you for your interest in contributing your photography and stories with us. We’d like to explain how it works:

The Photo Guidebook Goals and purpose:

I’m Don MacDonell, the creator of the Photo Guidebook. The reason for starting up this website it #1. Because of my personal love for photography and love for people, all people from various walks of life. I’m originally from Canada and moved to South Korea with my family in 2012. I quickly fell in love with learning about new cultures and history, something I didn’t particularly find much interest in previously. I especially interested in the lives of people throughout various cultures and circumstances. The goal is to share their stories with the world in a new refreshing way. #2 Reason. I want to share and build a community with photographers who share a similar passion for the work they do. Photographs often tell stories about the people, place, and culture. That will be the main focus of the website to share those stories, both photograph/photograph series and written stories that accompany them.

Future Goals with Growth & Help:

The following fit into the vision both shorter term and longer term.

– Published Magazines
– Photobooks
– Galleries/Shows

About your contributions:

(300-800 words & 2+ photographs)

1. You can select the photographs/stories you’d like to contribute and submit them to us.
2. Upon approval of your first story, we will create a ‘photographers page’ for you. This will include your name, a landscape (horizontal) portrait of you, a brief bio about yourself and your photography and follow links to your website and all your social media accounts. It will then display all the stories that you’ve submitted to the website that have been approved and posted.
3. Your stories can now be published on the website.
4. YOU MAINTAIN COPYRIGHT to ALL your images that you submit to us. We are requesting that the photographs DO NOT contain a watermark! Instead the website will be ‘photo save protected’, and a clear copyright sign with your name will accompany each photograph. Like the following example:

© Don MacDonell 2019

5. Your image will be used in the post with your story and THE POST will be shared on social media. Linking to our website page.
6. Submitted images may be shared with credits to you on Instagram. Images posted will include relevant tags to your account.
7. In the event of wanting to use the image in ANY way outside of the website (ex. Photobooks, Magazines, Prints, Etc.,) , we will contact you for approval and to work out an agreement.

Additional Comments:

Thank you very much for your interest, I’m looking forward to working together with you. If you have additional concerns or questions please contact me:

When you’re ready you may sign up as a Contributing Photographer. We’re happy to have you.

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